AmsterdamX is a Perl Mongers group of English-speaking Perl developers in Amsterdam. We meet to have talks and/or social time every so often, usually monthly.

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Meetings and Events

All meetings organized by are completely 100% free-of-charge, and everyone is invited. Anyone can give talks on almost any subject, while Perl-related subjects are obviously more recommended. :) Meetings are usually held at, 1017CE, Herengracht 597.

If you feel like giving a talk, contact the AmsterdamX Perl Mongers mailing list, or contact Sawyer X directly.

The meetings are suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced!

Upcoming events

Next Scheduled Event

29th, April Wednesday.
18.30–20.30 (approximately)
Location:, 1017CE, Herengracht 597 (Google Map), Beijing Room, 5th floor.
Please fill in this form if you're arriving.
  1. Stevan Little :: Surprise talk


  1. Mattia Barbon :: Devel::StatProfiler: lightweight profiling of production systems

    Profiling is like the crack cocaine of programming -- Tim Bunce

    Now you can cook your own profiling data, directly on your production systems!

  1. Andrew Shitov :: Parallel Features of Perl 6

    I'd like to talk about things for parallel computing, which are available in the Perl 6 language. The long-lasting design process made these features so syntactically simple that it's not always possible to instantly understand the real power of them. I'd like to share my current understanding of what we've got in Perl 6 today.

  1. Ben Tyler :: Mojo::Pg and managing callbacks with Mojo::IOLoop::Delay

    Still feeling Node.js envy? Looking longingly at the Go master class at YAPC::NA? Wait! Perl has you covered! Mojo::Pg is a lovely little wrapper around the asynchronous bits of DBD::Pg: it allows your web app to serve other requests while the database is crunching on that hairy query with fifteen JOINs. When combined with the world's tiniest callback manager (Mojo::IOLoop::Delay), you end up with a set of tools for writing sane async web applications without overflowing the right margin of your editor. Good times!