AmsterdamX is a Perl Mongers group of English-speaking Perl developers in Amsterdam. We meet to have talks and/or social time every so often, usually monthly.

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Meetings and Events

All meetings organized by are completely 100% free-of-charge, and everyone is invited. Anyone can give talks on almost any subject, while Perl-related subjects are obviously more recommended. :) Meetings are usually held at, 1017CE, Herengracht 597.

If you feel like giving a talk, contact the AmsterdamX Perl Mongers mailing list, or contact Sawyer X directly.

The meetings are suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced!

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Tuesday, November 25th.
18.30–20.30 (approximately)
Location:, 1017CE, Herengracht 597 (Google Map), Bejing Room.
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  1. H.Merijn Brand (tux) :: What I miss in "pack" and "unpack"

    Pack and unpack enable us to view binary data as structured data. Using advanced patterns, these data chunks might even be perceived as dynamic data sources. There is one drawback on the implementation of unpack in the CORE: it only works on scalar values.

    I will not show you how it can be done (that will be quite an job), but I will try to show you how code could change if unpack were to work on data streams as well. I'll use PerlMonk posts as examples, though my original idea came from something I'll also show.

    I hope this will be some kind of interactive, and there will be a discussion on weather this is a useful feature to implement. It will not be a slick slideshow.

  2. Damien Krotkine (dams) :: Exceptions with no strings attached

    Perl exceptions can be anything, as long as they are scalars. This bring issues. Exception::Stringy aims to fix that

  3. Peter Rabbitson (ribasushi) :: DBIx::Class - what is it and what is it good for?

    DBIx::Class is a widely used and just as widely misunderstood SQL metaprogramming framework (no, it is not an ORM, it just plays one on TV).

    Come to see the primary maintainer of DBIx::Class (a.k.a. DBIC) give an overview of its architecture, show some more advanced use cases where the library really shines, and generally rant about the sorry state of the RDBMS universe. ;)

  4. Stevan Little :: Plack::Debugger: A new debugger for Plack Applications

    Plack::Debugger is a newly released addition to the Plack toolbox. It is a rethinking of the excellent Plack::Middleware::Debug module designed specifically to work with the AJAX heavy web applications of today. This talk will provide an overview of the straight-out-of-the-box functionality this module provides, as well as examples of how to extend it for your particular environment.