AmsterdamX is a Perl Mongers group of English-speaking Perl developers in Amsterdam. We meet to have talks and/or social time every so often, usually monthly.

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Meetings and Events

All meetings organized by are completely 100% free-of-charge, and everyone is invited. Anyone can give talks on almost any subject, while Perl-related subjects are obviously more recommended. :) Meetings are usually held at, 1017CE, Herengracht 597.

If you feel like giving a talk, contact the AmsterdamX Perl Mongers mailing list, or contact Sawyer X directly.

The meetings are suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced!

Upcoming events

Next Scheduled Event

20th, January Tuesday.
18.30–20.30 (approximately)
Location:, 1017CE, Herengracht 597 (Google Map), Beijing Room, 5th floor.
Please fill in this form if you're arriving.
  1. Stevan Little :: Big world, Little Stevan

    Revealing truths (without revealing), exposed secrets (without exposing), promises and lies, love and deceit, actions and consequences, mystery and brutal honesty, one word juxtapositioned against another.

    Will it be YET ANOTHER FREAKIN' MOP? Will it be a new language I enjoyed working with? Is it The 10 Best Coding Practices of 2014 or The Worst, Most-Shared BuzzFeed Articles I will be covering? The subject of this talk is going to surprise you. Hell, it's going to surprise me!

    Join me (or don't) to hear magical stories of enchanted youths fooled by enigmatic and theatrical descriptions in order to attend a still-vaguely-themed talk of a questionable topic.

    I will also apologize for not providing talk descriptions ahead of time which made Sawyer X write mine.

  1. Borislav Nikolov (jackdoe) :: Extreme (Elastic)Search

    This is a story about search, distributed systems, complexity, tackling extreme conditions, and about which decisions we made at to make it work.

    P.S.: The talk has almost nothing to do with Perl.

  1. Mickey Nasriachi :: A killer API for a killer feature

    CPAN is Perl's killer feature.

    The information available in CPAN is massive, but without a proper API, it's difficult to work with.

    MetaCPAN provides this API, and MetaCPAN::Client provides the ability to work with the API in a sophisticated and comfortable way.

  1. Sawyer X :: Modern web scrapping

    Web scrapping is fun. It makes data accessible, works around API limits, and makes us feel like gods.

    I'll show Web::Query, a module I joyfully started using recently in my scrapping, and few examples on stuff I've scrapped with it.