AmsterdamX is a Perl Mongers group of English-speaking Perl developers in Amsterdam. We meet to have talks and/or social time every so often, usually monthly.

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Meetings and Events

All meetings organized by are completely 100% free-of-charge, and everyone is invited. Anyone can give talks on almost any subject, while Perl-related subjects are obviously more recommended. :) Meetings are usually held at, 1017CE, Herengracht 597.

If you feel like giving a talk, contact the AmsterdamX Perl Mongers mailing list, or contact Sawyer X directly.

The meetings are suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced!

Upcoming events

Next Scheduled Event

30th, March Monday.
18.30–21.30 (approximately)
Location:, 1017CE, Herengracht 597 (Google Map), Beijing Room, 5th floor.
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  1. Abigail :: Sharding a database

    When an organization grows, the database(s) it may reach a point where it will be reaching one or more of its resource limits. Action will be needed, and one of the solutions is to use a sharded setup; that is, having several databases with identical structure, and data residing in one (or subset) of the databases.

    At, we have several sharded databases. In this talk, we will look how we transformed a highly volatile database to a sharded setup, without its users noticing and how Perl helped us to achieve this.

  1. Sawyer X :: Dancer2 best practices

    You're probably doing it wrong and don't want to read a bunch of articles. Here's the summary with plenty of code examples instead.

  1. Andrew Shitov :: Approaching the Perl 6 Grammars

    There will be no slides in this presentation. It will be one big live demo. During the talk we will create a mini compiler for the mini language using the Perl 6 grammars.

    Along the talk, elements of the new syntax and concepts available in Perl 6 will be emphasised when needed.

    Also, this is to demonstrate that today's Perl 6 can be used and debugged in real time.

  1. Theo Van Hoessel :: Do you speak-a my language?

    HTTP-Authoring, REST APIs in a multilingual environment

  1. Stevan Little :: Designing with Roles

    Roles (originally called Traits) are a concept that originated in research being done into better OO design practices using the Smalltalk language. Early in the Perl 6 design process Roles were added to the language and have since become an integral part of Perl 6. The idea of roles were also adopted by the Perl 5 community, which has many implementations of them, including Moose::Role, Moo::Role, Role::Tiny and more.

    In this talk, we will discuss some of the core concepts of roles and how they fit into and augment the normal OO design process. We will also spend some time looking at some of the well established patterns of Role usage, discussing the pros and cons of each approach.